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Why Use Comet?

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People have no end of options when it comes to dry cleaning. While several businesses offer similar services, none have our record of achievement. Since 1957, we have pioneered the dry cleaning industry. These are methods our competitors now use. Simply put, we rule this industry.

We continue to improve our services via customer feedback to exceed our own expectation of high quality.


  • Cleaners that have been professionally trained

  • Alteration services

  • Free personalized express bags to easily collect clothing

  • Creasing, pressing, and starching as requested

  • Open on Satudays

  • Same day services

  • Drive up services

  • 24 hour drop offs (at many locations)

Since 1957, our experience has taught us a lot about what customers expect from a professional dry cleaning and laundry service. People expect it to be convenient. If taking laundry and dry cleaning to a professional service is a hassle, why bother? This is why we have implemented these convenient features into our business model to make dry cleaning and laundry simple and easy.


The clothes you wear create the first impression you make on everyone you meet. Whether you’re wheeling and dealing in the corporate world, or blazing new trails as an artist, make sure your clothes make the statement you’re looking to make. We are here to help you succeed. We are happy to play our part in providing you with clean, pressed outfits that fit your style.


The effort we put into caring for your clothes is matched only by the quality of our customer service. Our staff is happy to help with any dry cleaning and laundry needs. The way we see it, you are the reason our company continues to grow one satisfied customer at a time. The least we can do is make your experience the best it can be.

Life’s every day issues can stack up and eat up much of our days. You’ll be surprised how much extra time you’ll have by letting an expert take care of your clothing. If you’re skeptical, start small. After you experience how amazing your clothes smell and feel after our service, we’re confident you’ll be back for more.

We Clean It All!

Our only job is to help you achieve the clean, professional appearance deserve.