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As the name implies, dry cleaning is a method of cleaning clothes without water. Instead, objects are immersed in a liquid solvent designed to remove dirt, stains, and odors from your clothes.

We have no idea where that idea came from. Dry cleaning clothes makes them last even longer. Our methods remove stains that washing machines can’t clean, and preserve a garment’s colors. Even after using a washing machine, there can be stains and dirt embedded in the fabric that cannot be seen, which makes the piece less comfortable and, eventually, unwearable.

According to Care Label Rule, colors must be able to withstand the recommended care procedure. Generally, dry cleaning maintains colors better than a washing Our team will always check the labels ahead of time to ensure the garment can survive the process.

Dry cleaning is proven to remove stains more effectively than washing machines. Unfortunately, some stains are persistant, and not even the best cleaning methods can remove them. If you notice stains on clothes that require dry cleaning, do not try to remove them yourself. Washing a stain or attempting to remove it with a home remedy can actually embed into the fabric and make it permanent. Quickly take the item in question to Comet Cleaners where our trained laundry professionals will let you know if it can be removed.

For us, bleach is a last resort. We never use bleach on clothing unless it is absolutely necessary and we are certain that it will not damage the garment.

Of course! That is why laundry is in our name! Feel free to bring your clothes to any location, and they will be happy to receive instruction on how you want your clothes done. All locations offer a wash and fold service. We'll even put on hangers if that is what you request.

There are many reasons people prefer a professional to handle their laundry needs. Let's face it, some people are so busy these days trying to make ends meet that it often takes them all day on their only day off to do loads of laundry. Also, when clothes are professionally laundered, they maintain their coloration and integrity longer. Yes, it does cost money to have your clothes professionally laundered, but it is really a matter of having some quality time to yourself as well as having to spend less money on clothes in the long run.

Yes! Although only a few independently owned Comet Cleaner facilities perform alterations on-site, most of them can process your request and send the item off for improvement to a trusted and professional local tailor.

We Clean It All!

Our only job is to help you achieve the clean, professional appearance deserve.