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Professional Alterations

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Sometimes clothes need a little extra something to fit your style. We provide professional alterations to help you achieve that. Only certain locations offer alterations on-site, but all locations can process requests by sending items off for upgrading to one of our trusted partners. Once you place the order, you’ll get your new and improved clothes back in no time.


Clothes that used to fit, don’t. Size differences between brands is also a thing. Especially with online shopping, many people buy clothes because of the display picture, only to find the actual piece is not what it seemed.

Alterations offer a chance to salvage an outfit that’s just a little “off.” You’d be surprised the difference a fresh hemming or some new buttons can make. Plus, our favorite outfits go through a lot of wear and tear. Spare those favorites from retirement with professional alterations from Comet Cleaners.

Common Alteration Services

  • Replacing zippers

  • Replacing buttons

  • Size adjustments

  • Hem repairs and adjustments

  • Cuffing

We Clean It All!

Our only job is to help you achieve the clean, professional appearance deserve.